About Dan Green


Daniel Green lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s the CEO of Growella, an in-development publishing company that helps you do more with your money, and get more from your life. Dan’s last project, the popular mortgage website The Mortgage Reports, was recently acquired, which was his third sale of a web-publishing business.

Dan Green is a husband, and father to three children, all of whom enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle. During his free time, Green is often found playing hockey or running, or relaxing with a guitar in his hand. A self-taught player, he enjoys singing and putting a twist on some of his favorite songs.

Growing up, Dan Green played a variety of instruments as a member of his school bands and orchestras. And, during his senior year of high school, he picked up an acoustic guitar for the very first time. Drawn to it, Green played each day until his fingers literally bled — and then he played some more.

As a freshman at Penn State University, Dan Green joined his first band, a 70s rock cover band called Interstate 5. The group played two gigs before disbanding.

During his sophomore year, Green played a fraternity rush mixer where he met the drummer of his next band, No Soup For You. No Soup For You was a State College staple in the fraternity and bar scene for the next three years, and played venues in the Philadelphia area including Manayunk’s famed Grape Street Pub.

Dan Green no longer plays guitar on stage, but — decades later — he still plays regularly at home and with friends, mixing covers of classic rock songs with newer alternative tunes. For Dan, making music is among the true joys of life.

Check the guitar tabs for some of the songs in Dan’s current setlist.